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As my 20-year career as a clinical psychologist evolves, my independent work is now as a personal coach and consultant, in addition to providing clinical services. I facilitate personal or organizational change through emphasizing positivity, optimism, gratitude and empathy. I work as a confidential thought partner and navigator, empowering my clients through the journey of change and transformation. People who know me (personally or professionally) consistently say and appreciate that I am genuine, and I believe you will find this to be true as well. What matters to YOU, however, in finding a professional best suited for you is completely unique. Throughout my career, I’ve encouraged potential clients to take the time to find a good fit, and that is still true in my current practice. I value the importance of ‘shopping around’ and encourage you to explore my site and to contact me if you’d like more information.


MindPT is a Fresh New Approach to Personal Change

After years of applying cutting edge technology to the most compelling findings in neuroscience and positive psychology, MindPT is proud to offer you

A solution to the challenge of personal change…

Want to feel more empowered?

Personal coaching can help you along the way; you won't be alone in your journey and the benefits await you.

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Mind Power Technology

  Mind Power Technology – I haven’t been this excited about a tool since EMDR ( in the 1990’s. Last summer I attended a networking & fundraising event in Tampa and it was there that I met Valerie Lipstein. In addition to the coaching business she runs with her husband Mike (, she had a […]

An Invitation for You. Create a Positive Brain.

Serendipity. It means, “luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for” (according to Merriam-Webster online). But with some consideration for science, it’s more than just luck, it’s a phenomenon that occurs when one maintains an open and observant mind. Lately, I seem to be having a lot […]

21 Days to a Positive Brain…

Half full or half empty? It’s a classic question of perspective. How you view things is a matter of perspective, and that perspective is chosen. Did you know that? You can choose your perspective! No doubt, the world throws us plenty of things that are negative, challenging or some sort of obstacle to overcome, but […]

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